Certificates of Analysis

When you purchase products made from hemp extract – whether it's hemp tinctures, balms, or shots –  it's important to search out ones that contain the highest-quality ingredients possible. You want to make sure that each contains only the ingredients you want while excluding anything harmful.

At Heal Brand, we're dedicated to delivering only the best hemp for pets and humans in every hemp extract product we sell. We're proud of the quality of our offerings and are happy to share the following third-party test results with you below. It's independent proof of the quality we promise you every day.

Available Certificates

Heal Hemp Tinctures - download COA here

Heal 1000mg Hemp Balm 4oz TIN - download COA here

Heal 100mg Pet Salve - download COA here

Heal 10mg AMP Shot - download COA here

Heal 10mg Knockout Shot - download COA here

Heal 1000mg NANO Hemp Tincture - download COA here

Heal 3000mg NANO Hemp Tincture - download COA here